9 Seeds That Ought to Be Part of Your Diet

Wild rice is a grass seed, not rice. It offers more protein and antioxidants than white rice and other whole grains. 

Wild Rice

Sweet, jewel-like ails are removed from fruit. High in antioxidants and vitamin C. A cup of 144-calorie pomegranate seeds is a light snack.

Pomegranate Seeds

If you've roasted these after carving your annual jack-o'-lantern, you know they're terrific snacks. A healthy one. P

Pumpkin Seeds

Chia has come a long way since TV commercials showed it growing from weird pottery. 

Chia Seeds

Quinoa is a nutritious protein source. The grain-like seed has 8 grams per cup. It cooks like rice and can replace pasta and other grains in your favorite dishes.


These have been eaten for health since 9,000 B.C. If you don't consume enough fish, flax can provide omega-3 fatty acids, heart-healthy lipids.

Flax Seeds

They complement savory recipes with their slight nuttiness. They also offer more protein than flax or chia seeds: 2 teaspoons has almost 7 grams. 

Hemp Seeds

These soft kernels are pleasant and healthy. Half your daily vitamin E is in a 1-ounce serving. Also rich in healthful fats. 

Sunflower Seeds

The white specks on your hamburger bun aren't cosmetic. The most adaptable part is sesame seed. A fatty acid in sesame oil, a popular salad dressing, may lower cholesterol.

Sesame Seeds

Foods High in Calcium That Can Be Consumed by Vegans