Foods that help prevent dry skin and restore moisture

High in vitamin A is sweet potato. True vitamin A source: 1,403 mcg per roasted sweet potato with skin. 

Sweet potato

Vitamin C-rich sweet red pepper. Half a cup of raw sweet red pepper has 95 mg of vitamin C. This is 106% of DV.

Sweet red pepper

Another vitamin C-rich fruit is kiwi. A medium kiwi has 64 mgTrusted Source of vitamin C, 71% of the DV.


Cod liver oil is vitamin D-rich. One tablespoon contains 34 mcgTrusted Source vitamin D, 170% of the DV.

Cod liver oil

Vitamin D-fortified soy, almond, and oat milks are good sources. One serving offers 13–18% of the DV with 2.5–3.6 mcgTrusted Source, according to the NIH.

Soy, almond, and oat milk

Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E. One ounce of dry-roasted sunflower seeds contains 7.4 mgTrusted Source, 49% of the DV.

Sunflower seeds

Zinc is in baked beans too. Half a cup of canned plain or vegetarian baked beans contains 2.9 mg zinc, 26% of the DV.


Avocados are omega-3-rich. Low omega-3 intake can cause dry, scaly skin and dermatitis.


Another food for dry skin is turmeric. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory curcumin.


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