Nourishing Seeds for Stronger Hair: 9 Natural Remedies to Promote Growth and Control Hair Fall 

Flaxseeds offer omega-3s for scalp health and antioxidants to strengthen hair follicles. Experience their power for healthy hair. 


Zinc-rich pumpkin seeds support hair proteins and hormone balance. Strengthen hair from the roots to prevent hair fall. 

Pumpkin Seeds 

Sunflower seeds provide biotin, vitamin E, and selenium for hair growth. Enjoy their benefits for vibrant hair. 

Sunflower Seeds 

Chia seeds offer protein, omega-3s, and hydration for strong and well-nourished hair. Experience their natural goodness. 

Chia Seeds 

Sesame seeds boost circulation for nourished hair follicles. Embrace their minerals for healthy hair. 

Sesame Seeds 

Quinoa offers amino acids and nutrients for vitality. Enjoy its contribution to hair growth and strength. 

Quinoa Seeds 

Black seeds provide antioxidants and thickness. Experience their magic for healthier hair. 

Black Seeds 

Hemp seeds are a source of essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, which support overall hair health .

Hemp Seeds 

Mustard seeds contain nutrients like zinc, selenium, and beta-carotene, which aid in maintaining a healthy scalp .

Mustard seeds 

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