Recipes for hearty soups to enjoy throughout the winter

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Super greens go beyond smoothies. Turn healthy vegetables into a thick, creamy soup with plant-based iron, vitamins A and C, and chickpeas. 

Flu-busting super greens soup with truffle oil

Soup time is when the leaves change golden and dusk comes sooner. Warm up and fill up with pumpkin and ginger!

Roasted pumpkin and ginger soup

San Marzeno tomatoes from Naples inspire this luscious tomato soup with melting bocconcini cheese.

Tomato soup with melting bocconcini

This fast hot and sour prawn soup is full of fresh herbs and Thai flavors.

Hot and sour noodle soup with prawns

With the help of this flavorful and aromatic soup, you may rediscover one of the most adaptable root vegetables.

Spiced carrot soup with ginger raita

Enjoy this delicious, fresh, and light Asian dinner that will nourish and satisfy you.

Market-floating fish soup

Because this light and refreshing summer soup contains an abundance of veggies, I have renamed it Greenhouse Soup.

Provencale prawn soup with pistou

Soup sips go well with pre-dinner beverages. Try these soup recipes or your favorites. Any leftover soup can be frozen for 3 months.

Soup sips

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