Recipes that are good for you to make on a chilly winter night

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Cook spinach with a tomato, onion, and green chilies. Add salt and black pepper powder, blend, and sift. Enjoy different flavors with spinach and tomato alone.

Spicy Green Soup

Try this winter dish with or without veggies. This healthful meal uses cooked lentils.

Hot and Spicy Tomato Soup

Try out this apple soup if you're looking for something sweet and toasty to eat throughout the winter.

Sweet and Warm Apple and Tomato Soup

Follow the instructions in this winter dish to treat yourself to a meal that is both nourishing and hearty on chilly mornings.

Jaggery and Nuts Oatmeal

This is a wonderfully nutritious recipe to make during the winter. This lunch dish can be prepared with chicken, eggs, or all of those ingredients simultaneously.

Egg and Chicken Rice

You can use other types of beans, such as soybeans or black-eyed beans, or lentils, such as chickpeas, in place of red kidney beans in any recipe that calls for them.

Warm Bean Salad

This vegetarian Middle Eastern curry makes for a filling dish that is also good for you.

Chickpea and spinach curry

Wash and soak chopped apricots, almonds, and cashews overnight. Next morning, mix raisins and pistas into a paste. Mix milk, saffron, and cardamom into paste. Warm and serve drinks.

Dry Fruit Milk Shake 

Ultimate Plant-Powered Protein: 7 Best Sources for Vegans and Vegetarians 

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