The 10 Protein-Rich Foods That Are Worst for Losing Weight

Fried Chicken

A fried chicken breast with skin has 20 grams of fat, while a skinless one has eight. This influences calories and weight loss. Dark meat, rich in protein, is often fried.


Sausage, a protein source, is served all day. Sausage is another protein that may be limiting your weight reduction, whether you eat it with eggs for morning, at a BBQ restaurant for lunch, or grilled in a bun for evening.


Processed meat, like salami, is cured, salted, or smoked to preserve it. Curing meats improves taste and texture, making them a popular protein source.


Bacon is also fatty. Bacon has almost as much fat as protein per serving, unlike lean meats. This beats sausage ratios somewhat. Pork bacon is the most popular and fattiest.

Meal Replacement Bar

Meal replacement bars. These bars usually have lots of protein and calories. These bars are convenient, but some have over 400 calories. 

Flavored Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has more protein. This makes it an accessible and adaptable protein source, but the popular flavored varieties in your fridge may include additional sugar that could delay your weight reduction.

Flavored Protein Oatmeal

Oatmeal, cookies, and chips are flavored. Flavored oatmeal has sugar but also fiber and iron. Protein oatmeal has 10 grams of protein and equivalent amounts of sugar. This dish has enough calories for a meal, but not enough sugar.

Protein Cookie

Protein cookies are offered. Protein-packed treats are great. Protein cookies may hinder weight reduction. Fiber-only options lack nutrition. Next time, have one non-protein-packed cookie and get protein from leaner, healthier meals.

Protein Shake

A fridge-made protein shake is handy. The additional sugar in these high-protein, low-calorie choices may surprise you. A meal replacement shake with 30 grams of protein is better than one with 25 grams of sugar.

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