There are 7 foods that can keep you up at night

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks and foods may come to mind when you think of foods and drinks that give you energy right away.

Foods and drinks with caffeine

Eating spicy meals before night may keep you awake for various reasons. Spicy foods can increase heartburn and acid reflux.

Spicy foods

Fast food and packed snacks may disrupt sleep. Research repeatedly correlates ultra-processed diets to poor sleep quality and duration.

Fast food and ultraprocessed foods

Many people take a few drinks at night to unwind before bed. Alcohol is one of the most popular sleep aids. 

Alcoholic beverages

High-GI foods raise blood sugar quickly. These include refined carbs like white bread, candies, and high-sugar foods.

Added sugar and high-GI meals  

Fried chicken and fatty meats may cause insomnia. Higher fat intake, especially saturated fat, may disrupt sleep, according to research.

Fatty foods 

Your dinner may be too salty. Salt increases water retention and dehydrates. Both will make you weary, but dehydration may trigger headaches that keep you awake. 

Salty food

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