To repair dry or damaged hair naturally

Many items label themselves moisturizing. They may just coat your hair to soften it.

A Better Brand of Moisturizer

Hot is still the best way to look smooth. Protect your hair against blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.

Heat: Friend or Enemy?

Weather stresses hair regardless of kind. Salt water and chlorine, like cold air and sun, dry. 

Watch the Weather!

If you use hot tools often, trim dead ends every 6–8 weeks. Stylists advise against home snipping because dull scissors fray ends. Cutting back hair straight is challenging!

Drop Some Length

Even when sleeping, care for your hair. Brush out tangles with a boar-bristle brush before sleeping. Brushing distributes scalp oils. 

Prep Your Hair for Bed

Hair craves healthy fats! Eat lots of avocados, salmon, and olive oil. These meals include vital fatty acids that moisturize dry scalps with natural oils. 

The Hair Diet

Daily hair washing may be desired. It's unnecessary unless your scalp is greasy. 


Make a DIY hair mask by mixing honey and olive oil in a small basin. That smells nice enough to eat, but this is for lovely locks! 

Kitchen Beautician

Chemicals dehydrate and weaken hair. Too many chemical treatments can dull and frizz hair.

Don't Fry It with Chemicals

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